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Price Plans

Price chart

For viewing video contents, downloading materials and taking our lessons, members need “POINTS”. The amount of “POINTS” needed for lessons vary depending on which teacher you choose.

There are 3 different plans for purchasing POINTS.

Plans for purchasing POINTS

Name of plan Price POINTS
Plan A 3,000 yen 3150
Plan B 5,000 yen 5300
Plan C 10,000 yen 10700

You can purchase any plan at any time; ex. purchasing A and B in sequence. Purchasing times and plan selection are your free choice.

  • POINTS are valid for one month
  • Expired POINTS cannot be used nor revalidated(cannot be returned for use)
  • If you purchase additional POINTS before the expiration date of previously purchased POINTS, the period of validity for all POINTS will be extended renewed. (All POINTS will be valid for another month after the latest purchase date.)
  • Once purchased, POINTS cannot be refunded. Please always make sure that you are applying for the right price plan.