Hotsuma-Online|Japanese Language School Online via Skype


What is Hotsuma-Online?

“I’m learning Japanese in my country, but there is no chance to talk with Japanese natives.”
“I’ve learned Japanese grammar, but I’d like to improve my conversation skills.”

For people who feel this way, our online Japanese teaching service is the perfect tool. Hotsuma-online provides a brand new style of learning Japanese: through enjoyable conversation, online.

There are more and more people all around the world, who have passion for learning Japanese. According to research by Japan Foundation approximately 3 million people have started studying Japanese as of 2006. There are, however, not many chances to put into practice what you’ve learned. With Hotsuma-Online, you can have actual conversations with native Japanese language teachers while staying in your home country.
Here’s our quality assurance policy. Our professionalism to ensure your enjoyment of Japanese language learning.

1.100% native and professional Japanese teachers, language educators.

All teachers at Hotsuma-Online are Japanese. They are also trained professional teachers. You may wonder if you might find it difficult without the detailed explanations in English. No need to worry. Hotsuma-Online teachers are all trained in the Direct Method(teaching method which uses only the target language), so that even beginners can relax and enjoy the conversation. Furthermore, you’ll get to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of actually communicating with Japanese people in Japanese, something you can only get from native teachers.

2.Reasonable price : One lesson(30 min) from 500 yen.

Hotsuma-Online offers you one lesson from 500 yen.

If you want to learn Japanese, of course there is always the option of going to a language school in your own country. As it is always the case, one has limited amount of time to actually talk in Japanese in those classes. And again, it is always the advanced students who talk most. Hotsuma-Online offers lessons on a one-on-one basis, from 500 yen for 30 minutes. If you want conversation training, what’s more efficient?

3.Choose your suitable lesson schedule&Teacher!

When you go to a local language school, the school gives you their lesson schedule. With Hotsuma-Online you can decide your own schedule and also choose your favorite teacher for your lessons. You can schedule your Japanese lessons around your working life or student life. Make the lesson schedule suit yours, not the other way around!

4.Studying abroad is also an option after practicing the conversation online!

We also run Japanese language schools in Japan for students from abroad. After learning conversational Japanese with Hotsuma-Online, you have the option of studying in Japan. Some teachers who teach at our Japanese language schools also teach Hotsuma-Online courses, so you can talk with them and get acquainted before you come to Japan.